Another successful Book Fair is coming to a close. It was so wonderful to see how excited the kids were to visit the book fair and choose books for their personal libraries. 

I was genuinely flattered when students asked me for book recommendations, which was every time I was at the book fair! For me, personally, it's one thing to ask for a book recommendation at the library and a whole other thing to ask for a recommendation when you're buying a book. The students are trusting me with their limited monetary resources to choose a book that's right for them (the "risk" isn't as great when you can check out a book for free at the library). And it's certainly a boost to my ego when teachers add books to their wish list solely because they saw I recommended the book. :)

Students (and parents) were instrumental in raising $468 for the Manhattan Beach Roundhouse during Family Game Night on Wednesday. I hosted a library catalog scavenger hunt that night and over 20 students participated.

I'd also like to extend a huge thank you to the PTSA for donating the books that were on the library wish list! New books get me so excited -- to read and to share with the students! First up: Iron Hearted Violet by Kelly Barnhill.


I hope they like it! :-)


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