Get in on the fun of March Madness, library style! There are two brackets you can participate in: Super Circulators and Battle of the Kids' Books. You can pick up your bracket in the library or print one from the attachment below. Brackets are due back to Ms. Yukari by Friday, March 25 (I am at a training that day so leave your brackets on my desk or ask Ms. Joni in the office to put it in my mailbox. Thank you.)
  • For the Super Circulators, you need to guess which books have been checked out the most this school year.
  • The Battle of the Kids' Books is actually a competition held online between 16 of the very best books for young people of the year, judged by children's books authors. (I've obscured the sponsor name in the logo above because competition has already begun at the website.) Some of the books are for older readers (middle school) and we don't actually have many of the books at the Robinson Library. This is a guessing competition; choose your "winner" by just looking at the titles.
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