_Well, I was hoping to have high circulation figures for December, but I think most of us were a bit distracted with the book fair, parent-teacher conferences, and the upcoming holiday season. Riptides checked out 839 books and placed 54 holds during the month, compared to 767 books checked out during the same period in 2010. I hope 2012 is a record-breaking reading year for us ... let's go Riptide Readers!
_Even though November is a short school month, students checked out quite a few books. The library circulated 1,280 books (about 100 more than the same period last year) and placed 53 holds (about half are for the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, Cabin Fever). Harry Potter was bumped from the Top 3 this month; our highest circulating books were Al Capone Does My Shirts (read by 5th graders), Guinness World Records 2011, and Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes. I'm thrilled that students are really enchanted with -- and clamoring to read about -- Peter Nimble.

Three classes checked out an average of at least four books per student: Ms. Whalley (4.67 books/student), Mrs. Herbert (4.23 books/student), and Ms. Carlin/Mrs. Ibrahim (4.09 books/student). But the three students who checked out the most books in November were fourth graders (with 14, 15, and 16 books checked out each).
We had such a FANTASTIC visit with Jonathan Auxier last Friday! His presentation about his book Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes was so entertaining and engaging; the kids got a kick out of his yo-yo tricks, his "experiment" about using all of your senses, and his wonderful way of talking about reading and writing. He's truly dynamic, theatrical, and oh-so-likeable!

Thank you to our fourth and fifth graders for being an attentive and enthusiastic audience. A special thanks to the teachers for allowing me to take time out of their busy schedules to have our first library-hosted author visit. And I can't forget to thank our volunteers (students and teachers) who were good sports and volunteered to be "guinea pigs" for Jonathan's demonstration about using our senses.

Jonathan extends his thanks to those students who went out and purchased his book. He and his wife also said this was the one of the best school visits they've had! We were lucky enough to be his last school visit in Southern California before he and his wife moved to Pittsburgh.

All of the pictures from the day are posted at Ms. Yukari's flickr site. Here are some pictures from the 4th grade presentation:

After the 5th grade presentation Jonathan visited the students in Mrs. Lindsay's class to talk about the writing and editing process. It took him four years to write the book and he went through 20 drafts before the book was published! We also got news that he's currently working on two news books, one of which is a sequel of sorts about Peter and Sir Tode's adventures post-Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes.
And some other pictures from Jonathan's day at Robinson, our short visit to {pages: a bookstore}, and his signing at Mysterious Galaxy after school (that kid is my son, who was dressed up as Sherlock Holmes for Halloween):
Sorry the following video is sideways; I'm still trying to figure out how to rotate it. In the meantime, please turn your head to the left to watch Jonathan doing one of his amazing yo-yo tricks (I think it was called the Jedi Mind Trick). His, "See, they like it!" comment at the end is directed at his wife, who isn't impressed with this trick for some reason!
If you don't know anything about Peter Nimble, I suggest you check out the book trailer:
October was a busy month in the cataloging and processing department here in the library. With the help of volunteers Mrs. Theodore and Ms. Lepper I was able to process 90 new books this month alone! You can always see what new books are in the library on the New Books page of the library's google website.

I wasn't the only busy one during October -- so were our Riptide readers! The library circulated 2,141 books (up from 1,693 from the same period last year) and placed 96 holds (many were for the 2012 Guinness World Records (031.02 GUI) and for Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes (FIC AUX)). Harry Potter continues to be a popular book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone clenched the top two spots as the most checked-out books for October (12 times and 11 times, respectively).

I've noticed that, by grade level, third grade seems to check out the most books. They're allowed to check out three books at a time and they're at an age where they read a multitude of book formats (picture books, chapter books (both short and long), graphic novels, joke books, magazines, etc.) that they can finish reading in a week. In contrast, fourth and fifth graders, although they're allowed to check out more books, take longer to finish reading a book because of the book's length (and probably because they don't have as much free time); they're also more likely to concentrate on one book at a time, instead of checking out many books. I think these reasons explain why the top three homerooms in terms of circulation statistics are all third grade classes: Mrs. Tanita (234 books, 9.75 books/student), Ms. Whalley (232 books, 9.28 books/student), and Ms. Whitt-Stopp (176 books, 7.33 books/student).
I am so excited to announce that author Jonathan Auxier will be visiting our school on Friday, October 28! Jonathan is the author of Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, one of my favorite books of the summer.

He will be making a presentation to fourth grade (8:45~9:40) and fifth grade (10:45~11:30). The fourth graders are already becoming familiar with Peter Nimble because I am reading it aloud to them during library time. They love it and don't want me to stop reading it!

We will not be selling the book through school but if you would like to purchase a copy you can get it at the following stores. Whatever store you choose to go to, I suggest calling ahead to make sure there are copies in-stock.
If you purchase a book and would like Jonathan to sign it, please bring me your book by Thursday afternoon (October 27). I will mark your book with a Post-It so that Jonathan can sign it to your child and so that I can return your child's book by the end of school on Friday. Unfortunately, because of time constraints, we are not able to have Jonathan sign books while students wait.

Jonathan will also be signing his book at Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach that afternoon at 3pm.

Bridge to Books is at it again! They're hosting another fantastic event with a great lineup of authors.

So much attention has been given to why boys stop reading, but what about the boys who continue to love reading (my son is one of them)? What about the boys (whether readers or non-readers as youngsters) who grow up to be fantastic authors? They're bringing them all together at The Why Chromosome: Why Boys Do Love Books event on Sunday, October 30 at Mrs. Nelson's Toy and Book Shop in La Verne.

Six authors will be presenting and signing. Half are Middle Grade (MG) authors and the others are Young Adult (YA) authors: Andrew Smith (YA: Stick), Greg Van Eekhout (MG: Kid Vs. Squid), Allen Zadoff (YA: My Life, the Theater and Other Tragedies), Jonathan Auxier (MG: Peter Nimble & His Fantastic Eyes), John Stephens (MG: The Emerald Atlas), and G. Neri (YA: Ghetto Cowboy). Click here to read short bios about the authors. This is a great opportunity to talk to them about their own experiences as readers and then as writers.

You can still purchase tickets ($17.50 each for admission, a swag bag, and snacks), and I hope you do -- I'll be there as one of the photographers, and I know that Mrs. Snively from the Grand View Library and Mrs. Jones from the Pacific Library will also be there.

The Los Angeles County Public Library is sponsoring its annual Children's Bookmark Contest. This year's theme is Picture the Adventure -- Read! Submissions are due to the public library by October 29, 2011. You can download a contest entry form below, pick one up at the Manhattan Beach public library, or download one from the public library's website.

Please read the rules carefully before submitting your entries. You can take it directly to the Manhattan Beach library or you can drop your entry off at the Robinson Library. I will make sure it gets to Ms. Messner, the Children's Librarian at the public library.

You may remember the library's title guessing contest back in February. Students tried to figure out the titles of the books on Ms. Yukari's shirt, called Storytellers (and sold at threadless.com). Well, someone made a cake based on the shirt and it cannot be cuter!

Click through the slideshow to see how she made the cake.

MBUSD is implementing an iPad pilot program in the fall of 2011. Each elementary school will have one whole grade level participating in the program. Teachers can integrate the iPad into their curriculum for up to one hour each day with their students. The hope is to increase participation and collaboration using tools such as e-texts, video, and innovative education apps. FAQs can be read here. For more information, read about the program here. Specifics of the plan are outlined in the .pdf file below.

I purchased an iPad for personal use but I'm hoping to integrate apps into the library program, especially with the pilot program students. I plan to work with the classroom teachers and Karina Gerger, the Teacher on Special Assignment, to use the iPad in the most effective way possible in the library.

I'm also excited about being able to use the iPad to help students search for books using the new Destiny catalog. Unfortunately, our library only has one computer available to search for books. In the past it wasn't unusual to find me in line with the students, waiting for a turn to use OPAC. But with my iPad I'll be able to search for books while on the move throughout the library.

[edited September 2, 2011: Wireless access is not available across the entire campus. I'm hoping to gain access as soon as possible so that I can start using the iPad in the library. In the meantime, I may visit the second graders in their classrooms to show them how to use the Destiny library catalog.]

I'm still exploring the many possible uses for the iPad in the library. There are so many resources online I'm a bit overwhelmed. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

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