Great news! I showed the Oscar-winning animated short film, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, to two of the second grade classrooms in February and mentioned the amazing app that goes along with it. Guess what? The district added it to the list of approved apps for our iPad pilot program. The second graders have been using it and getting acquainted with it. If you would like to have the app for your own iPad, it can be purchased here.

_Did you know you can search for library books from home? The MBUSD district-wide library catalog is available online at destiny.mbusd.org. Click on the Robinson link at the bottom of the Elementary School section to access our catalog. (You can also access it by clicking on the Destiny Library Manager image on our homepage.)

But, wait -- there's more! You can now search for books on-the-go with the free Destiny Quest app. What's the point of looking for library books away from school or home? I see myself using the app when I'm not on a computer (which is often, at home); when I'm at the public library or the bookstore and I need to find out which books are already in our collection; and when I'm working with colleagues off-site and we're talking about/researching books.

The interface of Destiny Quest is user-friendly and I anticipate it being a helpful tool for primary grade students who are still learning how to type and search online. Second graders will be learning how to use the app in March when it is installed on the school iPads.

The free app, available through the Apple iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace, runs on iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads with iOS 4.2 or later, and on Android 2.1-2.3.7 phones. To download the app to your own device, go to the iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace and search for Destiny Quest, click on the app name, then click on Free and Install to install it.
_Once the app is installed, you need to set it up by clicking on the "Try Destiny Quest" button and entering our district url: http://destiny.mbusd.org.

Then, select Robinson Elementary from the list of MBUSD schools. You can now access the library as a guest.

__Here’s some of what you can do with the new app:
  • Search for books in our collection
  • See the top ten recent checkouts
  • See recent additions to our collection
  • Access resource lists of books on different topics
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_For more information on the app and to view a video on how to use it, you can visit the Follett Destiny Quest App website. You are also, of course, more than welcome to come see me in the library for a short demonstration.

[Thank you to Mira Costa Teacher Librarian, Mrs. Lofton, for allowing me to modify her original blog post about the app.]
MBUSD is implementing an iPad pilot program in the fall of 2011. Each elementary school will have one whole grade level participating in the program. Teachers can integrate the iPad into their curriculum for up to one hour each day with their students. The hope is to increase participation and collaboration using tools such as e-texts, video, and innovative education apps. FAQs can be read here. For more information, read about the program here. Specifics of the plan are outlined in the .pdf file below.

I purchased an iPad for personal use but I'm hoping to integrate apps into the library program, especially with the pilot program students. I plan to work with the classroom teachers and Karina Gerger, the Teacher on Special Assignment, to use the iPad in the most effective way possible in the library.

I'm also excited about being able to use the iPad to help students search for books using the new Destiny catalog. Unfortunately, our library only has one computer available to search for books. In the past it wasn't unusual to find me in line with the students, waiting for a turn to use OPAC. But with my iPad I'll be able to search for books while on the move throughout the library.

[edited September 2, 2011: Wireless access is not available across the entire campus. I'm hoping to gain access as soon as possible so that I can start using the iPad in the library. In the meantime, I may visit the second graders in their classrooms to show them how to use the Destiny library catalog.]

I'm still exploring the many possible uses for the iPad in the library. There are so many resources online I'm a bit overwhelmed. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

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